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Image Clipping: VogueUK December 2012

VogueUK, December 2012


Clipping: The Vogue Festival 2012, London, 21 April 2012

Ask The Models

Four of the world’s most famous model stars, Natalia Vodianova, Jourdan Dunn, Eva Herzigova and Lily Cole, took their seats on the Vogue Festival stage this afternoon to huge rounds of applause from the audience – for a Q&A about their lives. Conversation was remarkably frank as Cole revealed how staying school was a “saving grace”, Dunn spoke about her acting ambitions, and Herzigova discussed how “this job is about other people having opinions about you – it’s always someone else’s point of view”.

“One of the problems I had with modelling was that I could never direct my path – it’s difficult being part of trends,” added Cole.

“I think I always have to do what my heart tells me and find something that suits me,” said Vodianova.

“I’ve learnt to accept my flaws – I hated being skinny and lanky growing up,” recalled Dunn of her younger years. “I think I’m fine so I’ve decided that no one can tell me otherwise. OK I’m skinny – what’s next, let’s move on!”

The group also discussed dieting, health and their respective exercise routines.

“The only diet I have ever done is the blood type diet – I have done it for five years now,” said Vodianova. “The big contracts go to the girls who are healthy – they need some sparkle.”

“I run once a year – I do the marathon for my charity,” she added. “I don’t train, I just make sure my children are the other side of the finishing line. But I change my mind with these things, once I did yoga every day for a whole year.”

As part of the original Nineties supermodel line-up, Eva Herzigova remarked that the industry has changed since she first made the model big-time.

“It’s a different time now – [the supermodel phenomenon] was a trend,” she said. “The woman was much more feminine then, and we took longer to build up our careers. Modelling is very much based on experience.”

“I think our whole culture puts values on an ideal image and people have to find their own true value of what’s important,” continued Cole.

21 April, 2012

via Vogue UK


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VogueUK, January 2012