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In Magazines: StellaTelegraphUK, 14 July 2013

StellaMagazine,  Sunday TelegraphUK, 14 July 2013

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In Magazines: HelloMagazineUK #1286, 15 July 2013

HelloMagazineUK #1286, 15 July 2013

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In Magazines: MarieClaireFrance, August 2013

MarieClaireFR, August 2013

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Clipping: Help


Daily Mail UK, 29 June 2013


Clipping: More than money

Xposé Entertainment, 24 June 2013


In Magazines: L’Express#3233 Styles, France, 19 June 2013




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L’Express#3233 Styles, France, 19 June 2013

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Clipping: Dressing down


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In Magazines: GlamourFR, July 2013

GlamourFR, July 2013

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In Magazines: ElleFrance, Une Journée Avec, 24 May 2013


“Une Journée Avec”, ElleFrance, 24 May 2013


Clipping: Interview

Интервью с Натальей Водяновой

“Russian supermodel: Steve Jobs inspired my charity
March 20, 2013 IgorNaidenov, RusskyReporter
Natalia Vodianova, the Naked Heart Foundation founder, talks to Russky Reporter magazine about modeling as a profession, improving government-NGO relations and what the name of her charity organization has in common with Steve Jobs.

Legendary model Natalia Vodianova is the founder and head of the Naked Heart Foundation, which recently held an international forum in Moscow. In an interview with Russian Reporter, Vodianova shares her opinion about modeling as a profession, improving government-NGO relations and what the name of her charity organization has in common with Steve Jobs.

Vodianova dressed in a deep red – her favorite color – for The Naked Heart Foundation international forum, which was held at the President Hotel in Moscow. Vodianova is both the founder and the president of the foundation. Attendees at the forum discussed how best to help both children with special needs and their parents, as well as children living in closed institutions or with foster parents.

Russian Reporter sat down with the ‘Lady in Red,’ who became a legend as a Russian model and is currently adding to her legacy through philanthropy.


The Model

Russian Reporter: Natalia, I hope you won’t be offended by my question!

Natalia Vodianova: It’s like water off a duck’s back. Fire away.

RR: OK! So let’s say I take a look at the page about you on Wikipedia. We find your height, weight, hair color, and waist and breast size. Other people’s achievements get listed as achievements – the books they wrote, the formulae they proved. Yet they write about you as though you were prize cow. Doesn’t being treated like dairy cattle humiliate your personal individuality?

N.V.: Not a bit. It’s a part of my life; it’s my profession, and I love it. It’s what pays the bills. I’m doing what I love to do, what I want to do, and what I have to do. Directing my unspent energy towards worthwhile causes is my favorite thing.

RR: Actually, a friend and I were discussing whether being a model is actually a profession?

N.V.: I’d say it probably is – more likely yes than no. I remember how I got started: I had no experience and it was awful. I remember how helpless I felt. I knew that I had to use my appearance as a tool, but I didn’t know how. I needed some kind of method – like actors have the Stanislavsky method. I realized that models aren’t just coat hangers.

Modeling is a job: It produces results, establishes your image and confirms your individuality. You need to be a shrewd psychologist when dealing with your colleagues, with clients, with the mass media – with everyone. These days, I know that I’m a professional in my field.


The Philanthropist

RR: Does it get to you when people like Zhirinovsky and his cronies accuse you of self-promotion, when organizing humanitarian aid and psychological assistance for the people of the disaster-hit town of Krymsk?

N.V.: No, things just carry on as usual. I usually try to find some kind of lesson in the criticisms people make, but there was nothing to learn here.

RR: Well, someone must have voted for him. He’s sitting in Parliament, after all.

N.V.: Well, probably. Who knows? I’m not sure. I don’t involve myself in politics – I’m apolitical. I’m sufficiently independent financially to be able to take no interest in politics. You know what I mean?

RR: Maybe you could explain?

N.V.: We work independently. Although we know that, for the optimum result, the support of the government and a suitable political climate can be helpful. But we don’t count on it, and we don’t expect it. I’m talking here not on behalf of my own charity foundation, but for many non-profit organizations doing work with children that we support.

On the other hand, regardless of what people may say, the government’s approach to these organizations is improving. The consensus among the public at large and within the business community is that [these organization] perform an essential role, and there’s a desire to help them.

RR: What makes you think so? Sure, many companies are ready to engage in community work, but it’s not worthwhile for them. They’re suffocated by taxes and they don’t have any guarantees that the aid they provide actually reaches the beneficiaries.

N.V.: That’s just pure, unadulterated bias. I guess the only way to improve the situation is by example and by working. It’s like a glacier: if the sun shines, then it keeps melting and melting; and eventually it disappears. Of course you can keep on whining that the aid doesn’t reach the people who need it, blah-blah… But what I can tell you is that our money gets through. Every last penny gets through.

RR: If you took a greater interest in politics, you would have heard that the Kremlin and the KGB suspect nongovernmental organizations of everything – up to and including espionage.

N.V.: I have complete faith in the people we work with. They are 100 percent transparent and offer completely honest accounting processes.

RR: Be that as it may, Russians are used to cynicism when dealing with organizations that claim to be doing good works – particularly charitable foundations. It’s widely believed that they’re laundering money.

N.V.: That’s a stereotype from the 1990s. I’ve never come across that kind of approach myself. Our foundation, for example, spends just 10 percent of its budget on administrative costs. And that’s impressive.

RR: Do bureaucrats on the ground support you?

N.V.: They have no reason not to support us. Do you know how our first program, Play with Purpose, works? A region sends in a request to be included in the program. We never refuse a request, so we have to make a waiting list. After that, we work out a schedule and arrange financing; that is, we decide how much will come from our foundation and how much will come from local budget sources.

From the very outset, this has been a program set up by regional authorities. And it has built children’s playgrounds and parks all over Russia.

From the moment we began in 2004, we’ve built 90 different facilities. These include children’s homes and hospitals, oncology units, and rehabilitation centers, with a geographical spread covering 68 cities in Russia.

Our second project is called Every Child Deserves a Family. You know what it’s about? We step in as a support agency – a protective umbrella. We give financial and administrative aid to professionals in NGOs, to help families with kids who have special, developmental needs.

The Person

RR: What did you dream about when you were working at the outdoor market?

N.V.: Kids like me didn’t get to dream. I dropped out of school. We were a family of five, living in a one-room apartment in a Khrushchev-era building. The only furniture was the table and the bed. I didn’t have a dream, but I had a wish – just one, huge wish.

I wished that all this struggling for basic survival could somehow end, that our daily anxieties about how we were going to survive until tomorrow, how we were going to eat, put clothes on our backs and find the money to ride the bus would come to an end.

RR: What was it that helped you get through it all? Was it your belief in God, in yourself?

N.V.: I can’t really say what or who it was. Maybe it was a kind of belief; I’m not sure how to explain it… As if, when the very worst happens, you don’t panic, but instead you regard it as a test of your tenacity.

Recently, I was listening to the Internet talk Steve Jobs gave to Stanford graduates after he had been diagnosed with his illness. Do you know what he said? ‘When we confront the possibility of death every day, and we realize that tomorrow could be our last day, then all our conventions and assumptions lose their significance.

It’s then that our decisions come straight from the heart.’ What struck me most was what came next. He said: ‘You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.’ And my charity is called The Naked Heart Foundation. I’m convinced that there is more in that than just mere coincidence.

The interview is first published in Russian in the RusskyReporter magazine.”



Interview: EtamLingerie Show, 26 February 2013



Natalia Vodianova: “Siempre intento dar lo mejor de mí en cada proyecto”

Natalia Vodianova pour Etam: desde Rusia con amor

París, 26 de febrero, 13:30 h de la tarde y la modelo Natalia Vodianova nos espera en el lujoso Hotel Meurice para charlar con nosotras sobre sus nuevos proyectos profesionales y personales.

Esa misma noche presenta su última colección de lencería, Natalia Vodianova pour Etam, que además será la encargada de dar el pistoletazo de salida a una de las semanas de la moda más importantes del mundo, París Fashion Week.

Sin embargo, esta no es la primera incursión en el mundo del diseño de la top model, puesto que lleva más de cuatro años colaborando con la firma francesa de ropa interior, para la que cada año presenta una nueva colección cargada de sensualidad y feminidad.

Nada más conocerla, lo primero que sorprende de ella es su cercanía y amabilidad, y la humildad con la que responde a cada una de nuestras preguntas, a pesar de ser una de las modelos más importantes del momento.

¿Te apetece conocer un poco más a la persona que se esconde detrás de una gran top? ¡No te pierdas la entrevista que nos concedió en exclusiva!

De modelo a diseñadora


Has diseñado esta nueva colección para Etam. Cuéntanos algo de ella, ¿qué vamos a ver esta noche en la pasarela?

La pasarela será realmente grande, con cinco escenarios, y va a haber mucho colorido, muchas sorpresas y mucha diversión, pero no te puedo adelantar nada más, tendrás que esperar a verlo.

En cuanto a mi colección, te puedo adelantar que estará centrada en tres colores: rojo, blanco y negro, y estará inspirada en el rock & roll y la nostalgia de los años pasados, mucho más divertidos, en los que lo único que importaba era salir a pasarlo bien y disfrutar de los placeres de la vida.

¿Y para qué tipo de mujer está dirigida?

En principio está dirigida a cualquier tipo de mujer, siempre y cuando le guste este tipo de lencería más atrevida y provocativa. Evidentemente no me imagino a una mujer de 60 años llevando estas prendas, ¡aunque hay algunas maduritas que se atreven con todo! (risas)

Como en todas las colecciones, depende también del tipo de mujer que seas tú. Yo creo que a todas nos gusta de vez en cuando arreglarnos por dentro y por fuera para una ocasión especial. Tú puedes ir por el día a trabajar con tu traje de chaqueta clásico y sencillo, pero por la noche ponerte unos pantalones de cuero, un maquillaje atrevido, tomarte un chupito de tequila y salir a bailar y a disfrutar de buena música como la que vamos a escuchar esta noche en el desfile.

El proceso de creación


Llevas trabajando como diseñadora para Etam desde 2009, ¿cuánto tiempo lleva crear una colección de estas características?

Siempre se empieza a trabajar en la nueva colección después de presentar la actual, así que nosotros ya hemos empezado a definir las líneas generales de la próxima. En tiempos son aproximadamente son unos 6 meses de trabajo, desde que damos con la idea en la que queremos que esté inspirada la nueva colección hasta que finalmente se presenta en la pasarela.

¿Eres muy perfeccionista con todos los detalles?

Sí, por supuesto, siempre intento dar lo mejor de mí en cada proyecto en el que me involucro. No pondría mi nombre en algo de lo que no me sintiera totalmente orgullosa.


Natalia Vodianova: “I always try to give my best in every project”


Natalia Vodianova pour Etam: from Russia with love

Paris, February 26, 13:30 pm and the model Natalia Vodianova waits for us at the luxurious Hotel Maurice to chat about her new professional and personal projects.

Tonight, she will present her latest collection of lingerie, Natalia Vodianova pour Etam, which will also open one of the fashion weeks in the world, Paris Fashion Week.

However, this is not the first foray into the design world for the top model. She has been working for more than four years now with the French brand of underwear. Since then and every year, Natalia presents a new collection full of sensuality and femininity.

The first thing that surprises us is her closeness and kindness, and humbleness with which he responds to each of our questions, despite being one of the most important models of the moment.

Do you want to know a little more to the person who is hiding behind a big top? Do not miss the interview he granted us exclusive!

From model to designer


You’ve designed this new collection for Etam. Tell us something about it, what we will see tonight on the runway?

The gateway will be really big, with five stages, and there will be lots of color, lots of surprises and lots of fun, but I can not give it away, you’ll have to wait and see.

As for my collection, I can say that I will focus on three colors: red, white and black, and it is inspired by rock & roll and the nostalgia of the past years, much more fun, when all that mattered was to be out, to have fun and enjoy the pleasures of life.

And what kind of woman is it intended to?

In principle is aimed at any woman as long as she likes this kind of more daring and provocative underwear. Obviously I can not imagine a 60 year old woman wearing these clothes, although there are some who will dare! (Laughs)

As in all collections, also depends on the type of woman that you are. I think we all like to occasionally dress up inside and out for a special occasion. You can go for the day to work with your tailored suit classic and simple, but at night wear leather pants, a bold makeup, take a shot of tequila and go dancing and enjoy good music as we will listen tonight at the parade.

The creative process


You’ve been working as a designer for Etam since 2009, how long does it take to create a collection of these features?

You start working on the new collection after the current is out, so we have already begun to define the outlines for the next. Sometimes, it is about 6 months of work, from the moment we have the inspiration for the new collection until it is finally presented on the catwalk.

Are you a perfectionist with every detail?

Yes, of course, I always try to do my best in every project in which I am involved. I would not put my name on something of which I did not feel totally proud.



In Magazines: GraziaFR, 08 March 2013


GraziaFR, 08 March 2013



In Magazines: The Edit, Net-a-Porter Online Magazine, February 2013


The Edit, Net-a-Porter Online Magazine, February 2013

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Interview: “My London”, LondonEveningStandard, 07 December 2012

“My London: Natalia Vodianova
The model gets a taste of Mother Russia in Knightsbridge and lets loose at The Box


Home is…

Where my children are, which at the moment is Paris, in the 7th arrondissement.

Best meal?

Pelmeni (dumplings) at Mari Vanna, a Russian restaurant in Knightsbridge.

Last play you saw?

The musical Hair with my son Lucas. We loved it, but I don’t go to musicals very often, I don’t like them as much as going to the ballet in Russia.

Most romantic thing someone’s done for you in London?

I was having lunch at San Lorenzo with my husband [Justin Portman, now her ex] and he got up, saying he was going outside for a cigarette. He actually went into a vintage jewellery shop next door and bought me a beautiful diamond necklace. The best gifts are when they are completely unexpected.

Where do you stay in London?

Normally at The Dorchester. It has a homely atmosphere that I haven’t found anywhere else.

Building you’d most like to live in?

Big Ben would make a nice pad. The view would be amazing.

Best place for a first date?

The Wolseley. I’ve just sent my little sister on a lunch date there.

Favourite London club?

I like the atmosphere at The Arts Club on Dover Street.

First thing you do when you come to London?

Visit Philip Kingsley on Green Street to get my hair done.

What would you do as Mayor?

I would work on the bicycle lanes. It’s still far more dangerous to cycle here than in Paris.

Best place for letting your hair down?

The Box. I have good memories of dancing there.

Building you’d like to be locked in overnight?

The Natural History Museum, without my mobile phone, so I could learn and explore.

Best place for a nightcap?

The Red Room at the Dunhill club in Mayfair because it’s never overcrowded.

Guilty pleasure?

It’s not what it is, it’s how much of it… It’s not really guilty if you eat very little, but I love dulce de leche ice cream and can sit and eat a whole tub.

Who are your heroes?

Audrey Hepburn, who was one of the first actresses to undertake charity work [for Unicef] and make a difference with her life. Diane von Furstenberg is my living inspiration, she’s in her sixties and is still incredibly sexy and beautiful.

What music are you listening to?

The National and The xx. When I’m modelling I listen to Madonna and Beth Ditto, because I need something fun and sexy.

Favourite shops?

I love Dover Street Market and Couture Lab on Grosvenor Crescent Mews for cool clothes. I don’t always buy things when I go but I like to see what’s out there. Harrods used to be my corner shop when I lived in London and I love it because you can literally find an elephant if you want. It’s also the flagship store for Guerlain so I make sure I pop by to see the new goodies. I used to buy my Russian food staples from The Merchant’s Yard, a Russian deli [now closed] on Beauchamp Place.

Best advice you’ve been given?

‘Learn to say no.’ The president of Calvin Klein told me that quite early on in my modelling career.

What animal would you most like to be?

A panther or a jaguar, because they’re fast, free and beautiful.

At the moment you are…

Setting up a new Naked Heart Foundation office in Paris, finalising my move there and getting ready for Christmas. I will be celebrating this year with my boyfriend [Antoine Arnault] and his family.

What do you collect?

I love buying modern art.

Natalia Vodianova is the face of Guerlain

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Interview: GraziaRU #42, 11 December 2012



Наталья Водянова: «За Антуаном я бы отправилась куда угодно!»

В разгар предпраздничной суеты корреспондент GRAZIA Екатерина Шибаева ухитрилась поймать в Париже Наталью Водянову и поговорить с ней о самых ярких событиях уходящего года, таланте смотреть на мир позитивно и, конечно же, о переезде девушки в Париж – к ее возлюбленному Антуану Арно!

GRAZIA: Поздравляем со сменой места жительства! С адаптацией трудностей не возникло?

НАТАЛЬЯ ВОДЯНОВА: Совсем нет! Прошло только несколько месяцев, и все очень радужно. Вообще любой переезд – если он случился по твоему желанию – это радость. Тем более Франция мне знакома: все-таки я здесь регулярно бывала 12 лет, у меня тут много друзей. Да и детям всегда нравился Париж – вот и местную школу, где сейчас проходит большая часть их жизни, они полюбили. Она англо-французская – никаких трудностей перевода.

GRAZIA: А вы с ними на каком языке общаетесь?

Н.В.: Дома – на русском. Правда, между собой они разговаривают на английском.

GRAZIA: У вас напряженный график – на сыновей и дочку силы остаются?

Н.В.: Знаете, никогда нельзя сказать – я провожу со своими детьми достаточно времени. Каждый раз, когда уезжаю, мне кажется, я что-то пропускаю. Но когда я дома, стараюсь сама отвозить их в школу, водить на дополнительные занятия, укладывать спать.

GRAZIA: В Европе в случае развода родители «делят» детей. А как получилось у вас?

Н.В.: К счастью, у меня нет такой проблемы, муж теперь живет в Южной Америке, и дети к нему ездят исключительно на каникулы. Но если бы он, предположим, обосновался в Париже, я бы, скорее всего, нормально отнеслась к тому, что они проводят с ним половину времени. Это его право, а им нужны и мама, и папа. Ведь самое главное, чтобы все были счастливы. Как раз наш случай: мой муж сделал выбор, а мы прекрасно справляемся без него. У меня новая любовь, чудесные полноценные отношения, дети видят, что родителям хорошо, у них нет внутренних переживаний, боли. И они отлично ладят с Антуаном, мы же живем вместе.

GRAZIA: А если бы Антуан переехал в Южную Америку – вы бы за ним последовали?

Н.В.: За ним я бы куда угодно отправилась!

GRAZIA: Смена вашего адреса открывает для фонда «Обнаженные сердца» какие-то новые перспективы?

Н.В.: Никаких! Тут нет ничего общего. Хотя как посмотреть: вся моя жизнь связана с благотворительностью. Это для меня основная работа, все остальное я могу левой ногой делать.

GRAZIA: И какие у вас планы в данной области?

Н.В.: Сейчас я сконцентрировала свои амбиции на программе «Каждый ребенок достоин семьи» – ее надо расширять, это колоссальная задача. Идея – создать альтернативу интернатам, то есть поддерживать семьи, которые берут детей-инвалидов. Тут мне все знакомо по личному опыту: каково приходится людям, если нет никакого содействия со стороны. Кроме того, мы стараемся помогать другим благотворительным организациям. А они нам предоставляют специалистов.

GRAZIA: Для многих благотворительность неразрывно связана с благосостоянием…

Н.В.: Было бы хорошо, если бы в России обеспеченные люди занимались ею в таких масштабах, в каких это делают в других странах. Причем ведь надо не только пожертвовать средства, но и отдать свое время. А у нас его не хватает на всех уровнях. Но на примере Крымска я поняла, что люди готовы помогать. Приехали тысячи волонтеров, мне кажется, их было не меньше, чем местных жителей. Люди собирали вещи, деньги – отовсюду, в том числе из моего родного Нижнего Новгорода. Возможно, именно организационные моменты у нас пока страдают…

GRAZIA: Во Франции с этим лучше?

Н.В.: Да, но критиковать – не мое дело. Впрочем, наше отставание абсолютно нормально. Это из-за истории: революция произошла гораздо позже, чем во Франции. До недавнего времени сохранялся тоталитарный режим… Люди до сих пор приходят в себя. Индивидуализм еще только зарождается.

GRAZIA: Считаете, что именно с ним связан уровень развития благотворительности?

Н.В.: Разумеется. Да, россияне – очень добрые и жалостливые, но они часто не готовы пойти и что-то сделать. Филантропия же развивает чувство собственного достоинства: я могу поменять мир к лучшему. Такого мышления у большинства еще нет. Да и вообще у нас 25% населения за чертой бедности, им самим впору помогать, а еще 50% кое-как существуют – не до того, чтобы о других думать.

GRAZIA: Зато ваша жизнь напоминает сказку!

Н.В.: Да любая жизнь – чудо. Я очень счастливый человек, правда. Случались и горести, они и сейчас есть. Однако даже девочкой я всегда верила в лучшее – хотя детство выдалось тяжелое. Надежда умирает последней – точно про меня! Я помню, подружка жутко горевала, потому что мама не могла купить ей пальто, о котором она мечтала. Мне это казалось диким, ведь в нашей семье часто и поесть было нечего. Вообще позитивный настрой – талант, который, как и все прочие, можно развивать. Я стараюсь, и мне возвращается сторицей.

GRAZIA: Но моменты сожалений случаются?

Н.В.: Да, но ведь и их тоже стоит рассматривать с конструктивной точки зрения! Например, как опыт, ошибку, которую ты больше не повторишь. Я, например, жалею, что согласилась делать одно благотворительное мероприятие в Абу-Даби. Обычно я все контролирую сама. Здесь же решилась, условно, просто дать свое имя, не участвуя в подготовке. В итоге – провал: мы собрали гораздо меньше, чем ожидалось. Плюс мои личные затраты, и не только финансовые: пришлось отпрашиваться со съемок фильма и лететь частным самолетом. Я себе сказала, что этот урок усвоила навсегда.

GRAZIA: А, наоборот, моменты, которые хотелось бы пережить заново, помните?

Н.В.: Наверное, первый год в Париже. Впрочем, с моими нынешними знаниями многое сделала бы все равно иначе. А с другой стороны, если бы прошлое было другим, то и настоящее – тоже. Вообще я мало о таких вещах задумываюсь, лишняя трата энергии, на мой взгляд. Я скорее человек дела. У меня аналитический склад ума: оцениваю свои силы и возможности, планирую. Хотя забавно бывает: ты что-то пытаешься предвидеть, а в итоге складывается иначе – и намного лучше, кстати. Я верю, что нужно конкретизировать желания и программировать себя на добро: даже стараюсь избегать частицы «не», хоть это стоит больших усилий.

GRAZIA: В Москве уже лежит снег. Скучаете по нему в Париже?

Н.В.: Да, мне очень не хватает настоящей зимы. А еще – борща и селедки под шубой… Это мой любимый салат, мама мне его готовит каждый раз, когда приезжает. Мне не хватает времени, хоть я и умею.

GRAZIA: Что из того, о чем вы мечтали в детстве, исполнилось?

Н.В.: Я грезила только об одном – перестать думать о деньгах. В целом сбылось, хотя теперь приходится заботиться о средствах фонда!

GRAZIA: Какие события 2012-го стали для вас основными?

Н.В.: Во-первых, мое 30-летие. У меня нет никакой проблемы в отношении к своему возрасту. С годами прибавляется только ответственность: в 30 нельзя действовать так же, как в 20, надо менять стратегию. В 20 можно себе простить ошибки, а 10 лет спустя их должно быть значительно меньше. Самое печальное событие – смерть дедушки. Пожалуй, первая потеря очень близкого мне человека, главного мужчины в моей жизни. Очень тяжело. Еще из запомнившегося – я создала страничку в Facebook, теперь у меня есть свой голос. Благодаря этому, кстати, я смогла поехать в Крымск. Вообще я сделала ее, чтобы общаться с миром напрямую. Признаюсь – получаю не только позитивные отзывы. Конечно, сталкиваюсь с людьми не очень адекватными. Мне иногда кажется, они настолько меня любят – даже скорее мой идеальный образ, – что не готовы читать посты не про благотворительность, а про фан! А я, например, очень люблю повеселиться. У меня 220 тысяч подписчиков – не буду же я им рассказывать исключительно про деятельность фонда. К счастью, тех, кто не принимает меня настоящую, единицы. Однако отвечать я стараюсь как на положительные комментарии, так и на критику. А еще в этом году я получила звание «Человек добра» у себя на малой родине. Несла параолимпийский огонь. Пробежала полумарафон в Париже – и переехала в этот город. В общем, весело живется!

[Translation, via Google Translate and a lot of thinking to make some sense of the general Google Translate mess. Any contribution to improve the text? Please, by all means, do.]


Natalia Vodianova: “For Antoine, I would go anywhere!”

In the midst of the pre hustle, correspondent Catherine GRAZIA Shibaeva managed to catch Natalia Vodianova in Paris and talk to her about the most interesting events of the year, the talent to see the world in a positive way and, of course, the move to Paris – for her lover Antoine Arnault!

GRAZIA: Congratulations for the change of residence! Have you had any difficulties to adapt?

Natalia Vodianova: Not at all! It took only a few months, and everything is very well. In general, any move, if it happens because you want it, is a joy. Especially since France is familiar to me: I’ve regularly visited here for the last 12 years, I’ve got a lot of friends. And my children always liked Paris – and they have fallen in love with their local school, which is where they spend most of their time. It is an Anglo-French school, so they have no translation difficulties.

GRAZIA: And in what language do you communicate with them?

NV: When at home, I talk to them in Russian. However, between them, they speak English.

GRAZIA: You have a busy schedule – what about your children?

NV: You know, you never know – I spend enough time with my children. Every time I leave, I think I’m missing something. But when I’m home, I try to pick them up at school, take them to their extra classes, put them to bed.

GRAZIA: In Europe, in the case of divorce, the parents ‘share’ the custody of their children. What happened to you?

NV: Fortunately, I do not have that problem, my husband is now living in South America, and the children go to him only for the holidays. But if he had, say, settled in Paris, I would probably reacted normally to their spending half the time with him. That is his right, and they need both their mom and their dad. The most important thing to make everybody happy. Exactly our case: my husband made ​​a choice, and we had to get by without him. I have a new love, a wonderful full relationship, so my children see that parents are fine, they have no painful feelings. And they get along well with Antoine, we live together.

GRAZIA: And what if Antoine moved to South America – would you have followed him?

NV: For him, I would have gone anywhere!

GRAZIA: Does the change of address open “Naked Heart” some new perspectives?

NV: No! There is nothing in common. Although, look, my whole life is connected with the charity. This is for me the main work, everything else I can do with the left foot.


GRAZIA: And what are your plans in this area?

NV: I am now focused in my ambitions for the program “Every child deserves a family” – it should be expanded, but it is a colossal task. The idea is to create an alternative to boarding, that is to support families who adopt children with disabilities. I do not know this from personal experience: what will people do if there is no help from the outside. In addition, we try to help other charities. And they give us professionals.

GRAZIA: Many charities are inextricably linked to the well-being …

NV: It would be good if, in Russia, wealthy people could do it on such a scale in which it is done in other countries. And you ought to not only donate money, but also to give your time. And we miss it at all levels. But, with the example of Krymsk, I realized that people are willing to help. Thousands of volunteers arrived, I think, when there were only the local residents. People collected things, money – from anywhere, including from my hometown of Nizhny Novgorod. Perhaps it is organizational issues we still suffer …

GRAZIA: In France it better?

NV: Yes, but criticizing is not my business. Our backlog, however, is absolutely normal. This is because of our history: the revolution occurred much later than in France. Until recently, we remained in a totalitarian regime … People are still coming to life. Individualism is still in its infancy.

GRAZIA: Do you think that it is associated with it the level of charity?

NV: Of course. Yes, we Russians are very kind and compassionate, but we are often not ready to go out and do something. Philanthropy also develops a sense of self-esteem: I can change the world for the better. Most people do not think like this. And indeed we have 25% of the population below the poverty line, (…).

GRAZIA: But your life is like a fairy tale!

NV: Yes, but all life is a miracle. I am a very happy person, really. There were troubles in the past as there is still trouble in the present. However, even as a girl I’ve always believed in the best, despite my difficult childhood. Hope springs eternal – just about me! I remember a girlfriend who was terribly grieved because her mother could not get her a coat which she dreamed. I thought it was wild, because in our family we often had nothing to eat. I try to generally keep a positive attitude – a talent, which, like all others, can be developed. I try, and I’m returned a hundredfold.

GRAZIA: But do moments of regret happen?

NV: Yes, but then they, too, should be viewed from a constructive point of view! For example, as an experience, a mistake that you will not repeat again. For example, I regret that I agreed to do one charity event in Abu Dhabi. Usually I’m in control myself. It was also decided, arbitrarily, that we wouldn’t participate in the production of the event. The result was a failure: we collected much less than expected. Plus my personal cost, not just financial: I had to take time off from filming and fly by private jet. I said to myself that this lesson learned for all.

GRAZIA: And, conversely, the points that I would like to relive, remember?

NV: Probably the first year in Paris. However, with my current knowledge has done a lot to still another. On the other hand, if the past had been to others, and now – as well. In general, I have little of such things wonder, just a waste of energy, in my opinion. I would rather a man of action. I have an analytical mind: to evaluate their strength and may be planning. Although it is funny: you’re trying to predict something, and eventually develops differently – and much better, by the way. I believe that it is necessary to specify the desire and program yourself for good: even try to avoid the particle “no”, even though it costs a lot of effort.

GRAZIA: Moscow has snow. Do you miss it in Paris?

NV: Yes, I really miss this winter. And yet – borscht and herring under a fur coat … This is my favorite salad, my mom cooks it every time you come. I do not have the time to, even though I can.

GRAZIA: What does it matter what you dreamed of as a child, turned?

NV: I dreamed of only one thing – to stop thinking about money. I got my wish, although now I have to take care of the resources of the Fund?

GRAZIA: What events in 2012 are due to the major for you?

NV: First, my 30th birthday. I have no problem with age. Over the years, I’ve only added responsibility: a 30 year old can not act like a 20 year old, it is necessary to change strategy. At 20, you can not forgive mistakes, but 10 years later, there should be much less. The saddest event was the death of my grandfather. Perhaps, the first loss of a very close person to me, the main man in my life. It was very hard. Another memorable thing was that I created a page on Facebook, I now have a voice. Because of this, by the way, I was able to go to the Crimean. Now, I can communicate directly with the world. I admit, it is not only positive reviews. Of course, people do not come across very adequate. I sometimes think they are so fond of me – of my image – that they are not ready to read posts about charity, only about my life! And I, for one, I love to have fun. I have 220,000 subscribers – I do not talk to them about the fund only. Fortunately, those who do not accept me real are not many. However, I try to answer as many positive comments and criticism as I can. And this year I received the title of “Woman of Goodness” in his small hometown, I carried the Paralympic flame, I ran a half marathon in Paris – and moved to this city. Life is fun!


via GraziaRU


Interview: Büro24/7, 10 September 2012

Please tell us about your trip to the Crimean. How it all began?

It was a very emotional trip. I do not know how to exactly describe my feelings as I dived into the dark waters, and it is not that clear at the bottom. When this happened, the next day, Monday, I began to organize a trip with ads on Facebook. It was the fastest way to bring people together.

Were you not afraid to go [work] with people you do not know?

I agree, it is also a risk – to involve strangers. But by and large I am up for this, and [use] the current page. I needed feedback, direct communication. After all, we go through life alone, and I am no exception. Like there is popularity, there are some people like that are somehow related to you, good or bad, I do not know, but communication is always through third parties – journalists. There is an urgent need for direct contact.

Facebook: do you need for a dialogue without intermediaries?

Yes, you need a direct dialogue, feedback, if I may say so. Plus, on my page I can write whatever I want. I’ve got a voice.

Has crying on Facebook brought the desired results?

People responded. It was a great success for the work that I do. In one day, to assemble a team, and we went by bus to the Krasnodar region, it immediately hit it off. I met interesting people, all of them the same enthusiasts like me, they care about other people’s lives, and this is not all: it is not enough to be indifferent, it is important to be brave, resourceful. They came, not knowing where they would live, what they would do, as I did. We quickly found a volunteer organization in Krasnodar and went to the Crimean together.

Have you had to work with them?

Yes. I can honestly say that if it were not for these guys, it would be much harder. They brought with them even cook Sergei, who was preparing for any number of people. He immediately took a piece of the fence somewhere, put it on the rocks, and made a fire and cooked a delicious porridge cooked in a big pot (even when we lived in a hotel, we came to Sergei for his porridge). In this case, Sergei – vegetarian, yogi. He and his colleagues – absolutely wonderful, bright people. I call them all my heroes, we still keep in touch.

How much time did you spend in Krymsk?

I was there for three weeks. What we did there has borne fruit. Through our camp, there are more than 1oo volunteers. This is achievement. More importantly, we did it for the children.

Can you talk about the games room, which was created by your NHF?

Yes, I think this is a major achievement. We have attracted professionals who worked there for a month. So, if the tragedy would not have happened, the kids would not have had such a great summer. A lot of trainers and teachers came in from different directions, they are engaged with each child, doing everything from reading to finishing theater.

As a citizen of the world and philanthropist, could you make an objective assessment of the state of Russian society and its relation to the charity?

I think our country is in a natural [state of] development. I do not think that something is wrong, it’s just that we at some stage, which is far from the West, but I see a lot of enthusiasm and desire to help. It is very interesting , the youth who has no fear of individualism. This new generation is deprived of Soviet morality: we have had the same for many years, it was impossible to think and act independently, outside of the team.

That is, you see the potential in our youth?

Now the youth is growing with new ideas and a different vision. In the Crimean, for example, we helped a lot of teenagers. At first they hesitated, but in our area they opened up, loved the kids, took care of them. That’s why I was so emotional during the farewell. Many wept. There was a very touching moment when the parents told us, “You have changed our children, their minds. Now they have big plans for the future, they know who they are, they want to defend their rights, to take responsibility.” And I’m glad that we were able to influence the children. For in order to know yourself, you need to be in the atmosphere, where you can think freely. Man – this seed: in what type of soil it goes around from it and grow.

Interview: Tamara Vasilieva
Photo: Lisa Melina

September 10, 2012 11:00

via Büro 24/7

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Image Clipping: Editorials, JalouseFR, July-August 2012

JalouseFR, July-August 2012

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In Magazines: ElleFR, 01 June 2012

ElleFR, 01 June 2012

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Clipping: Launch Of The Natalia Dress At Caramel Baby&Child, London, 16 May 2012

Caramel loves The Naked Heart Foundation
A tea party at Caramel Baby & Child celebrated its latest charitable collaboration with glamourous supermodel, and Naked Heart Foundation founder, Natalia Vodianova

16 May 2012

It was a gathering of glamourous proportions at the tea party held on a rare sunny afternoon at Caramel Baby & Child, Notting Hill. Star shaped biscuits, heart shaped hats and a rather dapper magician made for a magical atmosphere. A smiling DJ played upbeat tunes whilst children dressed in an array of pretty dresses, smart blazers and lots of girls with bows in their hair danced and enjoyed the games and food.

The tea party was hosted by Caramel founder Eva Karayiannis and supermodel Natalia Vodianova in celebration of the launch of their latest collaboration. Natalia has designed a girl’s cashmere yarn dress, also available in adult sizes, and an on trend collar accessory both of which will be sold at Caramel with 50 per cent of the profits going to the charity that she founded; The Naked Heart Foundation. We caught up with the supermodel mother, grabbing a few moments of fresh air in the shop’s pretty garden.

Natalia sits neatly at the garden table looking effortlessy elegant in a navy mini dress with cherry red shoes and a red crochet collar. “The heart is the symbol of the Naked Heart Foundation” she says “So I always wear red when I go to our events. Normally I would wear everything red, but I just have detail this time.” The beautiful crochet collar accessory is designed to be worn either with the dress or alone and is certain to be a hit with the London fashpack; great news for the charity. “I established Naked Heart about seven years ago” she says “But we really started to be active about five years ago. We have two programmes, the first is that we build playgrounds and play parks and to date we have built 67 in 47 cities throughout Russia.”

“Play is in demand everywhere” Natalia laughs “But in Russia the existing playgrounds are over 50 years old, often unsafe and shouldn’t be used. We’ve taken this role of bringing fun and play to Russia.”

And what can she tell us about the second branch of the successful charity? “We can only build around 15 to 20 playgrounds and parks per year. We started to raise funds beyond what we needed so that gave us an opportunity to start a second programme, in which we work with children with special needs.” A cause close to her own heart. “My younger sister was born with mental disabilities, so it was something I grew up with. My charity organises family support centres and activities to raise awareness of children with special needs.”

A collaboration with Caramel certainly suits Natalia’s relationship with fashion, having modelled since she was 15. “I’m a big fan of what Eva does with Caramel, her attention to style and detail” she says “So I can trust her to create something really beautiful and something that I will be very proud of.”

And the final design is a big hit already, with pieces flying off the rails at the party. “When Eva proposed for me to design a dress, I immediately thought of a dress that I wore as a little girl. My favourite dress amde from red crochet. I remember feeling like a little princess in this dress, it was so beautiful. I told Eva about it and she said, this is exactly what we need. So we modernised it slightly but keeping the vintage, seventies element.”

It takes five days for one of Natalia’s crochet dresses to be carefully handmade. She has cleverly enlisted her beautiful daughter to model the dress in the campaign. “My daughter Neva is six, I also have an older boy, Lucas Alexander who is ten and a little boy Viktor who is four. My children didn’t help with the dress design but they are helpful in other ways. They are great children which makes my life so much easier!”

50 per cent of all profits go to The Naked Heart Foundation. Prices start at £225 for the girls dress (ages 4-12) and from £380 for the womens. The collar costs £45. Available at Caramel Baby & Child 0207 352 8857



Clipping: Launch Of The Natalia Dress At Caramel Baby&Child, London, 16 May 2012

60 Seconds with Natalia Vodianova
17 May 2012: Bazaar catches up with Natalia Vodianova at the launch of her collaboration with Caramel Baby & Child

With the launch of her second collaboration with chic children’s clothing store Caramel Baby & Child – 50% of proceeds go to her charity The Naked Heart Foundation – we caught up with the model, nick-named ‘Supernova’ at an Enchanted Tea party in London.

Dee Walsh

How did the collaboration with Caramel Baby & Child come about?

It’s the second collaboration between Caramel Baby & Child and The Naked Heart Foundation. I was always a big fan of the brand and when Eva (Karayiannis, the owner) and I were introduced by a mutual friend she said that she was a huge admirer of the Naked Heart’s mission and what we do so when she said she would like to support in some way I was thrilled.

How involved in the design process were you?
The design process is always very personal to me, so when Eva proposed to do a dress this time I immediately thought of a little knitted crochet red dress (pictured bottom left) I had as a little girl. It was beautiful and comfortable and I always felt like a little princess wearing it. Eva loved the idea. We’ve also designed an adult version which is such an easy summer piece.

You design a lingerie and swimwear collection for Etam too (which we love!) do you have any plans to launch your own clothing range? Or any more collaborations coming up you can tell us about?

I am on my second season of designing jewellery with a Russian diamond brand called Cristal Mechti. For Christmas we did a very pretty collection with snowflakes and for summer I am preparing a new collection with daisies. So much fun! I am also working on a collaboration, launching this autumn, with a shoe brand in Russia called Centro. It’s a limited edition collection, my aim is to make women all over Russia feel part of the Naked Heart Foundation’s mission. All the profits from the sale go to The Naked Heart Foundation too.

You do SO much, modelling, acting, designing, huge amounts of charity work for NHF and as well as being a mother- what drives you on?

Intolerance to injustice and wish to bring more balance to the world.

Do you ever take a break?

I went to Granada last June with my family and loved it!

What’s your essential holiday must-pack piece?

Long flamenco skirts for the dancing in bars.

And your essential beauty item?

My everyday face care range, Super Aqua by Guerlain. It keeps my skin protected and well nourished.

Beach body fitness or health tip?

Easter lent does it for me. 40 days on a vegan diet cleanse my body and mind. I feel glowing and relaxed afterwards.

‘Natalia’ dress from £225 for children dress (ages 4-12 years) and £380 for womens (made to order) 020 7352 8857
Follow Natalia on Twitter @NataSupernova and
To find out more about The Naked Heart Foundation’s work go to

via HarpersBazaarUK


Clipping: Fitness

Fitness needs ‘mental strength’
Last updated 10:36 10/05/2012

Natalia Vodianova didn’t bother training for a recent half marathon as she wanted to “feel out” her metabolism.

The supermodel began taking part in the races three years ago.

Each year she competes in one during Paris Fashion Week, but this time round she took a new approach. The 30-year-old decided against running a lot before the event took place.

“I don’t train. I haven’t done anything for the past three months because I’ve been feeling out my metabolism,” she explained to the latest edition of UK magazine Elle.

“Running is all about mental strength and understanding what your body needs. I’ve been able to do this [half marathon] and my time was better than last year! I feel really sure of my body.”

Vodianova has a sensible attitude towards food and exercise.

Although she does treat herself from time to time, the star never feels the need to overindulge when it comes to meals. She thinks that is linked to her childhood, when she grew up in Russia.

“Food is a big pleasure in life and a great treat – I learnt this when I was young because I didn’t get many treats. There was very little, but I needed very little, so it was OK. I never thought of regular eating as a given – a bowl of soup was often enough and, as long as my belly was full, I could focus on more important things, like getting on with life,” she explained.

“I feel like I am almost back [in Russia], I have a similar relationship with food.”



In Magazines: ElleFrance #3457, 30 March 2012

ElleFrance #3457, 30 March 2012

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Clippings: Interview

“Интервью Buro 24/7: Наталья Водянова
О семье, благотворительности и планах на будущее

Сегодня, 11 февраля, в “Барвиха Luxury Village” состоится очередное благотворительное мероприятие фонда “Обнаженные сердца”. В преддверии этого события Buro 24/7 пообщалось с основательницей фонда Натальей Водяновой, расспросив ее о планах на будущее, семье и, конечно же, благотворительной деятельности.

Что для вас благотворительность: работа, хобби, возможность помогать тем, кто в этом нуждается?

Это огромная часть и неотъемлемая составляющая моей жизни.

Как вам кажется, в чем работа благотворительных фондов в Европе и Америке отличается от благотворительности в России?

В Америке и Европе благотворительность развита до такого уровня решения общественных проблем, что порой решает какие-то социальные задачи на государственном уровне. Благотворительные организации тесно сотрудничают с государством, что позволяет более оперативно достигать поставленных целей.

Вы мама троих детей; для вас важно, чтобы в будущем они были такими же неравнодушными, как и вы сама? Как вы воспитываете в них правильное отношение к жизни?

Личным примером. Поясню. Я часто беру детей с собой в мои поездки по России, показывая им реальную жизнь. Таким образом они могут сами для себя делать выводы о том, какой может быть реальность у других детей. Осведомлен значит вооружен.

А как объясняете, почему не всем от рождения дана одинаково хорошая и прочная стартовая площадка?

Мне никогда не приходилось объяснять этого своим детям, так как они никогда не задавали мне этот вопрос. Но я уверена, что они знают, что были рождены в любви и с определенными привилегиями, которых, возможно, не было у других детей. И моя задача как родителя воспитать в них благодарность судьбе и ответственность за свои действия.

Расскажите о своей деятельности как посла Олимпийских игр 2014.

Как посол Олимпийских и параолимпийских игр я вижу свою задачу в привлечении всеобщего внимания к тем проблемам, которые в России еще не до конца решены, например, к безбарьерной среде и вообще отношению к инвалидности в нашей стране.

Что для вас в жизни на сегодня самое важное?

Здоровье и счастье моих детей, моих близких.

Расскажите немного о своих планах на будущее.

Мы планируем очередной Бал любви, который на этот раз задумали провести в Китае. В связи с этим в марте я планирую поездки в Гонконг, Шанхай и Пекин, чтобы определиться с городом, в котором это событие состоится.

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11 февраля 2012 15.05

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Interview Buro 24/7: Natalia VodianovaAbout family, charity, and future plans

Today, February 11, at Barvikha Luxury Village, will be the next charity event of the Naked Heart Foundation. In anticipation of this event, Buro 24/7 talked to the founder of the Foundation, Natalia Vodianova, asking her about her plans for the future, family and, of course, charity.

What is your charity: work, hobbies, the ability to help those who need it?

This is a huge portion and an integral part of my life.

What do you think, how is the work of charities in Europe and America different from the charity in Russia?

In America and Europe, charities developed to the point of solving social problems, sometimes at the state level. Charitable organizations are working closely with the state, which allows them to reach their goals quicker.

You are the mother of three children. Is it important to you that in future they should be as indifferent as you are yourself? How do you educate them in the correct attitude to life?

Personal example. Let me explain. I used to take children with me in my trip to Russia and show them real life. So they can take conclusions by themselves about what may be the reality of other children. Awareness is foremost.

But how to explain why not all are born with equally good and strong launching pads in life?

I’ve never had to explain this to my children because they never asked me that question. But I’m sure they know that were born in love and with certain privileges, which other children may not had. And my job as a paren is to instill in them gratitude for their fate and responsibility for their actions.

Tell me about your work as an ambassador of Olympic Games of 2014.

As an Ambassador to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, I see my task as attracting public attention to the problems in Russia that are still not fully resolved, such as barrier-free environment, and generally problems with respect to disability in this country.

What the most important thing in your life today?

Health and happiness of my children, my loved ones.

Tell us a little about his plans for the future.

We are planning the next Love Ball, which this time is conceived to take place in China. In this regard, in March, I plan to travel to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing in order to determine the town where this event will be held.

Prepared by: AnnaVelmakina

February 11, 2012 05.15″

Source: Buro 24/7


Clipping: Natalia’s Moscow, Mme.FigaroFR, 08 Feb 2012

“Moscou dans les pas de Natalia Vodianova
Musées, restos et spas : les bonnes adresses du top model

08 Février 2012

Par MarieAngéliqueOzanne

Sublime image de Shalimar de Guerlain, styliste pour Etam, femme de cœur dédiée à sa Fondation, Naked Heart, qui vient en aide aux enfants russes…, la divine Natalia sera bientôt aussi sur grand écran dans le rôle d’Ariane d’Auble, l’héroïne mythique de Belle du Seigneur, d’Albert Cohen. En attendant, elle nous invite à la suivre dans sa ville préférée.

Arty time

Mes musées

Le musée Pouchkine
« Un grand classique dans lequel je me rends dès que j’ai un peu de temps. Il est dirigé depuis trente ans par l’admirable Irina Antonova, une femme qui organise toujours de magnifiques expositions. L’année dernière, je suis allée plusieurs fois voir la rétrospective Dior. Je crois bien que c’est la meilleure que j’aie jamais vue. »
Volkhonka, 12.

Art Strelka
« Dans une partie de l’ancienne chocolaterie Octobre Rouge se trouve un lieu d’art extraordinaire, qui regroupe plusieurs espaces : des galeries, des bars, des restos, etc. Après avoir arpenté l’ensemble, je file prendre un verre bien mérité au Strelka Bar. »
Bersenevskaya Nab, 14/5.

Mes balades

« Moscou est une ville très différente de Paris. Son centre névralgique est très petit : il dépasse à peine les limites du Kremlin. Les autres lieux intéressants sont dispersés autour, comme de petits îlots, au milieu d’un océan terni par la grisaille postsoviétique et la pauvreté. Mais c’est une très belle ville que j’adore arpenter à pied : c’est le meilleur moyen pour s’en imprégner et la connaître. À chaque escale, j’essaie de m’offrir ce joli itinéraire, qui est mon préféré. »

Le Kremlin et les jardins Aleksandrovsky
« Quand je fais découvrir la ville à des amis étrangers, je commence toujours par la place Rouge, le Kremlin évidemment et les jardins Aleksandrovsky. On se promène dans les remparts, au travers des murailles. Je joue de bon gré les guides en leur montrant l’architecture, en leur racontant l’histoire du pays. Et je n’oublie jamais les ravissantes églises, telles celles de la Nativité et de la Résurrection. Une petite visite au musée Armory, le plus vieux de Russie, s’impose également. »

Du pont Bolshoi au pont des Amants
« Traverser le pont Bolshoi Moskvoretsky pour rejoindre l’Hotel Baltschug Kempinski devant le square Bolotnaya, quel bonheur ! Si je suis avec mon chéri, je m’arrête sur le pont des Amoureux, un nouveau spot romantique où les couples se sentent seuls au monde. D’ailleurs, il y a souvent des mariés qui s’y font photographier avec leur cortège ! Avec mes enfants, on s’éternise au square Bolotnaya, ils adorent. »

Pour le plus beau panorama
« Je continue ma balade sur Bersenevskaya Naberezhnaya, puis je tourne à gauche et je me dirige vers la passerelle piétonne en fer. Là, surplombant le fleuve, on a la plus belle vue de Moscou ! Depuis la passerelle, on fait face à la cathédrale du Christ-Sauveur ; sur la gauche, à l’ancienne usine Krasniy Oktyabr ; et sur la droite, le Kremlin et les Sept Sœurs, une tour composée de sept gratte-ciel que Staline avait commandée pour concurrencer l’Empire State Building de New York ! »

Mes spas préférés

« Il est incontournable de tester les bains russes, appelés banyas. C’est très cher, mais pour comprendre pourquoi on en raffole, il faut essayer ! Expedicia est de loin mon adresse favorite pour une véritable “Siberian” experience. Vous ressortez complètement revigoré, en pleine forme ! Le meilleur de tous les spas, selon moi ! »
Pevchesky per., 6.

Tretyakov Spa
« Le meilleur endroit pour une manucure ou une pédicure. L’ambiance, très minimaliste, couleur sable, ivoire, blanc cassé… est l’œuvre d’une architecte d’intérieur française. C’est très apaisant et joliment chic. »
Tretyakovsky Proyezd, 3.

Mes pauses gourmandes

« Première sortie du matin ? Direction Coffeemania, une chaîne de cafetiers qui compte plusieurs adresses dans le centre. Je vais chez l’un ou chez l’autre. Le café y est excellent, mais on peut se régaler avec un bon petit déjeuner complet et international. Avec les enfants, on craque pour leur porridge et leurs pancakes. »
6/9/20 Rozhdestvenka Street.

Café Pouchkine
« Encore un rituel : quand je vais faire du shopping chez Roza Azora, une de mes boutiques préférées pour les cadeaux – j’apprécie leurs objets faits main –, je m’offre une pause-déjeuner dans ce café. J’adore sa cuisine franco-russe et j’y retrouve parfois des copines. On papote des heures dans une ambiance cosy et accueillante. Le lieu est aussi très réputé pour le chocolat chaud. »
Tverskoy Bulvar 26A.

Bosco Bar
« Lorsque je me balade dans le quartier du Kremlin, je déjeune souvent ici. Il est situé dans le Gum, le fameux grand magasin moscovite, véritable chef-d’œuvre architectural. Le plus génial est que toute l’année, on peut s’installer à l’extérieur (terrasse chauffée oblige !) pour admirer l’une des plus belles vues de Moscou. Mes plats préférés ? Les pâtes fraîches, la mozzarella di buffala et leur omelette. Mes enfants, eux, sont accros aux smoothies et aux glaces faites maison. »
3 Red Square.

« Une adresse magnifique pour prendre le thé, située sur l’étang du Pavillon (en russe, Patriarshy Prudy), un endroit célèbre à Moscou, notamment grâce au roman de Boulgakov, Le Maître et Marguerite. L’écrivain, qui aimait s’y balader, évoque ce lieu magique dès les premières lignes de son livre. J’y déjeune aussi parfois au premier étage, ou j’y donne des rendez-vous secrets loin des regards, au deuxième étage. De là, on admire en hiver le lac gelé rempli de patineurs. Une vraie carte postale ! »
Bol. Patriarshy Pereulok, 7.

« Après une journée arty, dans les galeries ou aux musées, c’est ma table favorite pour dîner. Côté déco, on est dans un esprit loft, vintage et trendy ; côté food, on surfe entre inspirations italienne et japonaise et autres plats plus traditionnels. »
Bersenevskaya Nab. 6, bldg 3.

Simachev Bar
« Oh, vous allez me dire que ce n’est pas typiquement moscovite, mais j’adore venir ici pour un dîner décontracté, et me poser pour écouter de la musique en mangeant de succulentes pizzas. Denis Simachev, un grand designer russe, qui est aussi mon ami, a ouvert ce restaurant-boutique entre Vuitton et Hermès. Cela ne nous change pas beaucoup de Paris finalement ! »
12 Stoleshnikov Pereulok.”

Source: Mme.FigaroFR


Clipping: ETAM press, 23 Jan 2012, Live Show

“Natalia Vodianova : Etam Live Show 2012, interview exclusive (partie 1)
par(JMax) le 23/01/2012 17:56 | Dans l’actualité Les news

Natalia Vodianova, un des plus grands top modèles actuels, nous a fait l’honneur de répondre à nos questions quelques heures avant le défilé Etam Live Show 2012 qui aura lieu ce soir à 21h en direct live sur meltyFashion

C’est dans une suite du palace parisien, le Bristol, que nous avons eu la chance de faire l’interview de la sublimissime Natalia Vodianova avant le défilé Etam Live Show 2012. En toute simplicité le top modèle d’origine russe nous a reçu et a répondu à toutes nos questions. Des questions qui s’intéressent à sa collaboration avec la chaîne de vêtements Etam mais surtout à elle, sa vie et ses conseils pour vous les filles ! L’interview partie 1 de Natalia Vodianova nous en apprend donc plus sur sa collection Etam. Quelques heures avant le défilé Etam printemps-été, la belle Natalia Vodianova se confie avec son charme naturel. Et on vous livre tout de suite l’interview partie 1 de Natalia Vodianova ,’so glamour ‘ !

Natalia Vodianova, égérie et collaboratrice de la marque Etam signe donc une nouvelle collection de lingerie. Explications :

‘Je soumets à Etam des propositions de dessins que je fais moi-même, et ces croquis sont ensuite transformés en dessins techniques. Je propose d’utiliser certaines matières qui me plaisent ou alors on me demande mon avis sur certains tissus et les couleurs, mais au final c’est moi qui choisis. Ensuite, nous faisons 4 essayages pour ajuster et finaliser les modèles.’

Quelle est l’inspiration de votre nouvelle collection Etam printemps- été 2012 ?

‘Le thème s’inspire de la femme européenne qui aime notamment sortir le soir et qui ‘ose’. Tous les produits sont confortables et nous avons utilisé la technique push-up des soutien-gorges pour embellir les pièces de cette collection. Nous avons également imaginé des maillots de bain dont un qui est fantastique avec un imprimé façon poussière dorée.’

Quelle pièce recommandes-tu aux filles pour réussir leur prochaine Saint Valentin ?

‘Il y a un incroyable et très très sexy soutien-gorges tube’.

Dans l’interview exclusive de Natalia Vodianova au Ritz en 2011, elle nous confiait ne pas être une’ fille à string’, est- ce que c’est toujours vrai en 2012 ?

‘J’en fais car beaucoup de filles en portent mais moi je n’en mets toujours pas’.



Clipping: Giving

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Natalia Vodianova: «Facciamo un regalo a tutti i bambini»

«Come tutti i genitori adoro fare regali ai miei figli, vedere le loro facce sorridenti. E Natale è il momento perfetto, durante l’anno, per farglieli. Certo: allo stesso tempo provo ad insegnare ai miei figli quanto sono fortunati, senza però farli sentire in colpa». Natalia Vodianova, 29 anni, russa di nascita e britannica d’adozione, è una supermodel atipica: non abita in una grande città ma in un ex mulino del West Sussex, cuore rurale del Regno Unito. Non smania per farsi fotografare con la it-bag del momento e, se organizza, feste lo fa in grande stile, ma per beneficenza. Il suo primo pensiero, non solo a Natale, sono i bambini: i suoi – Lucas Alexander, 9 anni, Neva, 5 anni, e Viktor, 4, avuti con Justin Trevor Berkeley – e quelli meno fortunati, che vivono in Russia senza comfort né lussi. Per loro Natalia ha pensato ad un regalo importante, che contribuisca a rendere più serena la loro infanzia. Con la Naked Heart Foundation, che ha creato nel 2005, ha voluto dare forma concreta a spazi in cui i bambini possano giocare liberamente: fino ad oggi i parchi gioco creati dalla NHF sono 65 in 47 località della Russia. E non è tutto: da quest’anno la Fondazione promuove il progetto “Every Child Deserves a Family” (ogni bambino merita una famiglia, ndr) che richiede un lavoro intenso e profondo all’interno del sistema di orfanotrofi in Russia, ma anche a supporto dei genitori. Tutto per la difesa dei diritti dei bambini.

Come dimostra l’attività della sua Fondazione, il gioco è una dimensione fondamentale dell’infanzia. Riesce a ritargliarsi uno spazio per giocare con i suoi figli? 

Adoro giocare con i miei bambini e passare del tempo con loro per me è fondamentale. Non mi perderei un weekend o un momento delle loro vacanze scolastiche per nulla al mondo. Così in Russia ha deciso di regalare un momento di allegria a tutti i bambini..  Certo. Giocare è fondamentale per lo sviluppo di un bambino che ha bisogno di crescere in un clima sicuro e positivo, pieno di colori. Le nostre aree, poi, soo accessibili davvero a tutti: amo molto quest’idea di regalare qualcosa a un bambino solo per il fatto che esiste e non per porre rimedio a qualcosa di sbagliato, come spesso si fa. Il bambino non deve avere qualcosa di speciale per accedere al gioco : deve solo essere se stesso.

Come mai ha deciso di creare la Naked Heart Foundation ? 

Dopo i fatti di Beslan, nei quali sono stati presi in ostaggio e poi uccisi 186 bambini, ho sentito nascere in me un fortissimo desiderio di aiutare. Ma non riuscivo a capire in che modo. Poi ho iniziato a pensare di costruire uno spazio in cui i bambini che avevano subito questo trauma, quelli che erano stati coinvolti nella tragedia, potessero rifugiarsi giocando. Il progetto si è evoluto naturalmente : oggi abbiamo richieste continue di località che, nel mi o Paese e non solo, vorrebbero uno dei nostri parchi gioco.

Il Natale sarà un’occasione d’oro per stare con i suoi bambini: come lo passate di solito? 

Il Natale russo è quello ortodosso, che si festeggia il 7 gennaio: è un giorno molto intimo che si passa rigorosamente in famiglia. La tradizione di celebrare questa festa, poi, è stata riportata in auge solo dopo la fine del comunismo. Nonostante il nostro Natale sia dopo Capodanno la Russia è un paese molto festaiolo quindi celebra il 1 gennaio con grandi celebrazioni. Lo stesso faccio io, con la mia famiglia. Un anno nuovo davanti porta sempre con sé obiettivi altrettanto nuovi.

Quali sono i suoi?

Con Naked Heart Foundation abbiamo l’ambizione di sviluppare al massimo questo nuovo programma di supporto alle famiglie con figli che hanno bisogno di attenzioni o cure speciali, per evitare che finiscano in mano al sistema di orfanotrofi russi. Si tratta di un progetto complesso: speriamo che l’anno nuovo ci porti sempre più vicini a raggiungere questo obiettivo.

28 dicembre 2011″

Translation to English:


Natalia Vodianova: ‘Let’s give a gift to all children’

‘Like all parents, I love to give gifts to my children, see their smiling faces. And Christmas is the perfect time during the year to do it. Of course: at the same time, I try to teach my children how lucky they are, without making them feel guilty’.  Natalia Vodianova, 29, a Russian by birth and British by adoption, is your atypical supermodel: she does not live in a big city but in a former mill in West Sussex, at the heartland of the United Kingdom. Not yearning to be photographed with the it-bag of the moment, she organizes parties in style, but for charity. Her first thought, not just for Christmas, are the children she had with Justin Trevor Berkeley – Lucas Alexander, 9 years, Neva, 5 years, and Viktor, 4 – and those less fortunate, who live in Russia without comforts or luxuries. Natalia has created for them an important gift, which will help to make their children happy. With the Naked Heart Foundation, which was created in 2005, she wanted to give concrete form to the spaces where children can play freely: so far there are 65 playgrounds created by the NHF in 47 Russian towns. It’s not all: this year the Foundation is promoting the project ‘Every Child Deserves a Family’, that proposes not only hard work deep within the system of orphanages in Russia, but also parental support. Everything for the rights of children.

As your Foundation activities demonstrate, playing is a fundamental dimension of childhood. Do you have a space to play with your children? 

I love playing with my kids and spend time with them is crucial for me. I would not miss a weekend or a moment of their school holidays for the world. So in Russia I decided to offer a moment of joy to all children. Play is essential for the development of a child who needs to grow up in a secure and positive, full of color environment. Our areas, then, are very accessible to all: I love this idea of giving something to a child just for the fact that there is not something to remedy the wrong, as is often done. The children don’t need to have anything special to access the park, should just be themselves.

Why have you decided to create the Naked Heart Foundation? 

After the events in Beslan, in which children were taken hostage and 186 got killed, I felt a strong desire to help. But I could not figure out how. Then I started thinking about building a space in which children who had undergone this trauma, those who were involved in the tragedy, could escape to play. The project has evolved naturally, now we have continuous requests of sites, in my country and not only would one of our playgrounds.

This Christmas will be a golden opportunity to be with your ​​children. How do you usually spend it? 

The Russian Orthodox Christmas is celebrated on January 7: it is a day that must be spent at home. The tradition of celebrating this feast was revived only after the end of communism. Despite the fact that our Christmas is celebrated after New Year’s, Russia is a so very festive country that we have grand celebrations on January 1. I do the same with my family. A new year always brings with it new goals.

What are yours? 

With Naked Heart Foundation, I have the ambition to develop the most of this new support program for families with children who need attention or special care to avoid falling into the hands of the Russian orphanage system. This is a complex project, we hope that the new year bring us closer to achieving this goal.

December 28th 2011.”

[This translation was done with the help of Google Translate and I relied a lot on my non-Italian, but yet Latin backgrounds; if you have a better alternative to the words used, please, by all means, make a contribution.]



Clipping: Interview

“December 16, 2011 10:03 pm

The Inventory: Natalia Vodianova

Interview by HesterLacey

‘My childhood dream? To have enough food and clothes’, says the supermodel and philanthropist

Natalia Vodianova, 29, was born in Gorky, now Nizhny Novgorod. She is one of the world’s most successful models, and the founder and president of the Naked Heart Foundation, which provides safe play areas and family support centres for children in urban Russia.

What was your earliest ambition?

To have enough money to have essential matters like food and clothes taken care of.

Public school or state school? University or straight into work?

State school. I missed quite a lot of school because I was working from the age of 11. I was praised by the teachers. They knew I was not a stupid child, I just couldn’t perform to my abilities. The children were not very nice to me because my sister is disabled and my family was very poor. When I was 16, I attended modelling school – a complete rip-off, you don’t need to go to school to be a model! I ended up with an agency in my home town and one day there was a big casting; I went to that, then to another in Moscow, and I was taken on by an agency in Paris. The contrast between where I grew up and Paris was pretty strange, in the most wonderful way.

Who was or still is your mentor?

A few very close friends.

How physically fit are you?

Very healthy, but always tired. I’m devoted and hard-working; I don’t have much time for myself.

Ambition or talent: which matters more to success?

If you are ambitious you can have a moment of glory but it will most likely be temporary. But talent always finds its way out.

Have you ever taken an IQ test?


How politically committed are you?


Do you consider your carbon footprint?


Do you have more than one home?


What would you like to own that you don’t currently possess?

A dog.

What’s your biggest extravagance?

An amazing catering company I often use at home and Buccelatti jewellery.

In what place are you happiest?

At home in Sussex.

What ambitions do you still have?

My only ambitions are for the Naked Heart Foundation to improve the social system in Russia. The foundation was born in 2004 following the Beslan tragedy. I was in Russia at the time so I followed everything very closely. I thought it was the biggest cruelty that ever happened in my country. I thought what could I do for the children that survived. I went back into my childhood to see what I missed and realised I didn’t have anywhere to go with my sister and escape from everyday life. So that’s when the idea of a play park came. We have now built 60 all over the country and have started a programme to provide support to families in need.

What drives you on?

My childhood and desire to fix the issues that came up.

What is the greatest achievement of your life so far?

My beautiful, good-hearted, well-mannered children.

What has been your greatest disappointment?

I learnt early to have little expectation so I protected myself from ever feeling greatly disappointed.

If your 20-year-old self could see you now, what would she think?

‘It will be OK.’

If you lost everything tomorrow, what would you do?

Find the right solution and move on with grace.

Do you believe in assisted suicide?


Do you believe in an afterlife?

I believe in reincarnation of the soul.

If you had to rate your satisfaction with your life so far, out of 10, what would you score?


If you had a coat of arms, what would be on it?

Naked Heart and a warrior of justice. “

Source: The FTMagazine