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July 4, 2013


In Magazines: MarieClaireFrance, August 2013

by Claudio

MarieClaireFR, August 2013

[You’re welcome to post these images wherever you like, but please, be gracious, and do not remove tags.]

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  1. M.
    Jul 4 2013

    So many pics you don’t where to start especially when ,here and there, she’s so radiant ,thanks!


    PS: 4 theaters after 2 weeks in Paris : Belle Du Seigneur is well and truly a flop… (I promise I stop with the subject after that 😉

    • Claudio
      Jul 4 2013

      Thanks! I’m tired! How on earth Claudio managed all this alone, and for so long, I’ll never know.

      You see, Natalia is fashion royalty and a very accomplished artist, but many times in life it’s wise to say no. A role that Catherine Deneuve herself begged to play, well, to my mind, that forebode trouble. Never read the book, but the articles mentioned how dark, and complex and beloved it is in France, so I had a hunch she’d be up for a bloody battle uphill. I hope she knows better now. My hope is to see her in an action summer flick!!! Move over, Rosie…

      Glad I heard from you. 🙂


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