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June 25, 2013



by Claudio


For some reason nobody can understand yet, ANV Odds & Ends on Tumblr, never ever the ANV flagship (actually, a sort of failed experiment), is still, almost a year after its closing, one of the top search terms that bring viewers to this site everyday – EVERYDAY.  It tops all others most of the time, including “Natalia Vodianova” and “ANV”. What’s with that? We’re all pretty much flabbergasted and clueless. To be honest, none of us really considered a comeback to Tumblr so soon, or ever, but the persistence of this single, almost bizarre piece of data, together with some nice emails to Claudio, made us reconsider the Tumblr veto altogether. After all, you can’t fight the website traffic statistics, much less the viewers/users/fans.

We don’t know yet who’ll be in charge of Odds & Ends yet, probably Claudio, if he’s well and up to it. Or me, or Alex, our third wheel, who’s by the way helping a lot around here. The idea is not so much to keep up with the news, as they happen, but rather to take ANV back to Tumblr, since this is a pretty clear request; and, of course, to flood the zone with some cool stuff that are… well… odds & ends by now.

So, as soon as the link appears on your Blogroll, we’re back in business. Stay tuned.


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  1. Nicole
    Jun 26 2013

    As always appreciating your effort and hard work.

  2. M.
    Jun 26 2013

    That’s good news ! 🙂

    But on the other hand,,in one week Belle du Seigneur has already gone from 12 theaters in Paris to 7…not really a good sign 😦

    • Claudio
      Jun 26 2013

      Sounds about right to me. Here, in the US, it goes this way unless it’s a major blockbuster, like Avengers or Iron Man – and, still, a drop in the number of theaters is normal, since new movies keep premiering all the time.

      That said, I’d rather have seen her in a smaller role or perhaps star in a summer blockbuster movie, which would not demand so much from her in the beginning. Something like Brooklyn Decker in Battleship, or Rosie Whiteley in Transformers. It’d have made more sense to me. Don’t worry. She’ll get other parts, for sure.


  3. M.
    Jun 26 2013




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