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June 6, 2013


Image Clipping: Opening of Berluti Maison, London, 05 June 2013

by Claudio


June 6, 2013

A small handful of attendees from the launch of Berluti’s first London Maison yesterday evening, which hasn’t been firmly pencilled in our diaries- so much as inscribed, in that scary way an emo teen might do with the object of their affection in a school work book. Criteria for making it into 10’s social posts- which yes, were we a weekly- I’d personally imagine as a messy DPS accompanied by ramblings (maybe even handwritten) of a fabulously glamorous but unnamed contributor with mild bevvy issues. 1. You’re directly related to the brand we’re currently lusting after- hence attending their par-tay. We need more of your talent to be OURS! Especially if you make shoes. We’re well known shoe pigs after all. 2. You’re a ‘friend of 10’- i.e someone that really matters in our world, who we see fit to bother on the regs for inspiration and/or gossip. 3. You’re REALLY hot, and we’ve had to google who you are and why you matter, but are including a picture of you anyway because- once more-you’re REALLY hot. Avid readers will know how to apply these to the enclosed. Consider this your pop quiz. And thanks Berluti for an ah-mazing eve. Just the tiniest of headaches this morning.


05 June 2013

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  1. M.
    Jun 6 2013

    I almost find it hard to keep up ! 😉


    • Claudio
      Jun 6 2013

      Let alone Antoine.


  2. M.
    Jun 6 2013




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