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April 6, 2013


Image Clipping: DVF Awards, New York, 05 April 2013

by Claudio


very intimate ceremony in the United Nations headquarters last night with humbling speeches of women who have devoted thier lives to others. moving stories of ladies honored this year with @DVF awards: Sunitha Krishan, Andeisha Farid, Tammy Tibbets, Robin Roberts. i felt overwhelmed to go on stage and take the same award as these incredible women.

i wanted to acknowledge people who have during my life supported me in my crazy sometime what seemed impossible ideas and inspired me on by saying ‘yes you can!’. starting with my grandmother who is always has been my biggest inspiration and supporter to my team who are devoted to work of our charity @nakedheartfoundation. few of those people were at the awards yesterday like Diane herself, Mario Testino, my agent David Bonnouvrier and Grace Coddington and I am grateful and feel lucky to have always had their trust and confidence that i can and i will.

any project big or small accompanied at the start with feeling of fragility and the first people who we share them with have a huge responsibility of boosting our confidence and reassuring us that we are on the right path. this award belongs to all you, my yes-you-can people. thank you for empowering me! #yesyoucan

Antoine Arnault VERY PROUD OF MY BABY!

DVF Awards, New York, 05 April 2013

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  1. M.
    Apr 7 2013

    As you said recently: “very well deserved”!


    PS: I can’t believe we finally have a release date of “Belle du Seigneur in France: June.19th !!! 🙂

    • Claudio
      Apr 7 2013

      Finally, then! I haven’t seen anything here yet, in the States. I hope the movie succeeds in France, at least, where critic will be far more severe than here. If it goes well there, it’ll probably make a good career elsewhere.


  2. M.
    Apr 7 2013

    Knowing that many critics here think it’s something of a sacrilge to adapt the novel for the screen …there’s a long way to go ! 😉


    • Claudio
      Apr 7 2013

      That is what I’m thinking. In truth, it is indeed something of a sacrilege, since you have to mutilate a book in order to make a film. But that is the reason why they say the movie is based on a book, which kinds of makes the adaptation less of a sin. Natalia started her career in acting with a very difficult assignment, so I hope she doesn’t mind if critics demand a lot from her. I haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s not my cup of tea. If it goes well in France, she stands a good chance everywhere else, especially here (although I believe she might have had some offers by now in the US). Let’s hope for the best. You tell us, then!



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