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March 4, 2013

Clipping: A busy day

by Claudio


yesterday was one of those days that i imagine will stay with me forever. it was always supposed to be a busy day – running a half-marathon becoming now a yearly tradition during the paris fashion week (as if fashion week is not busy enough S)

in the beginning of that week during a casual conversation over dinner my grandmother said to me something I could not ignore: “i am getting so old. i hope that one day before i die i will see one of those fashion shows you are talking about”. i replied that of course i would love to take her. i felt huge sense of urgency as i recently lost my grandfather and a thought of waiting till the next october to complete her wish was unbearable. i remembered that Riccardo was requesting me for givenchy. though initially i thought that to be a crazy idea knowing i was running the same morning, now it seemed like a destiny.

i called Ricky immediately and luckily for me he was delighted to hear that now it was a sweet family affair S)

so i run the marathon did the coolest show of the week, spent some precious time with my best friend Mariacarla and most importantly saw that sparkling light of pride in my sweet babunichka’s eyes.

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